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Mixon and Associates main focus is lobbying the state legislature. We have proven track record. We pay attention year round. We listen to clients. And when the time comes, we act.  Months before the legislative hearings ever start, we organize each client’s priorities for the coming session. If that client has a priority issue, we write legislation, find reliable bill sponsors and prepare for the ‘flood gates’ to open.
Passing a bill is no easy task. For example, in 2009 nearly 2,400 bills were filed between the House and Senate. Sixty days later, only 271 bills actually passed through legislative session. A number of these bills were priority bills for our clients. It is our job to make sure that the ‘good bills’ pass and the ‘bad bills’ do not.


Mixon & Associates is also a Consulting Firm.
When a Florida road construction firm was denied a site license to locate an asphalt plant they were referred to Mixon & Associates. Both the county zoning board and the county commission had unanimously denied the permit knowing that the sheriff was the most influential person in the county, Mixon sought his advice.

Based upon his recommendation on how to proceed, Mixon & Associates met with each county commissioner, separately to explain the need, the economic impact on the county and jobs created. Each commissioner was taken for a site visit.

On the night of the commission meeting other local businesses such as gas stations, restaurants, and hardware store owners were briefed by Mixon & Associates on the issue and asked to attend.The construction company employed a dozen local men who all had families who showed up in support to speak in support.

Because of significant local public pressure organized by Mixon, the County Commission rejected the zoning Board recommendation and unanimously voted to approve the permit. This action provided the road construction company the edge needed to win the bid to resurface about 20miles of interstate and as an added bonus, several county roads.

Recently, a company based outside the state wanted to expand their criminal background check business to Florida. The company had state of the art technology; however, an equally qualified competitor had corned the business. Mixon was asked to help them compete against the entraced competitor.

Mixon & Associates learned everything about the client; studied the competitor’s products, strengths and weaknesses; and, sought out soft spots in their operations using this knowledge, we began to network with decision makers explaining the need for them to convert from all processes to new technology. Prior to a bid being issued a pilot was established an over a year expanded.When the agency issued an RFP, Mixon & Associates helped the client respond with a winning proposal. Four years later, the client has significant market share in Florida.

The ability to analyze conditions, network and understand clients and customer needs is a strength of Mixon & Associates. Our consultants have used this strategy successfully with insurance companies, modular constructing firms, technology companies and a host of others.

Maintaining Political Action Campaigns (PACs) / Committees of Continuous Existence(CCEs)

Mixon and Associates has experience in starting, building and managing political action committees and committees of continuous existence that range from – education to business advocacy.
Political Action Committees and Committees of Continuous Existence
•    Florida Rental Dealers Association
•    Seminole Alliance for Children, CCE
•    Leon Education Alliance for Public Schools-PAC
•    The Hillsborough Association of School Administrators
•    Florida Academy of Physician Assistants-CCE
•    Florida Association of School Pinellas Administrators PAC
•    Florida Association of Secondary School Principals
•    Orange County Association of School Administrators
•    Florida Association of Elementary & Middle School Principals
•    Florida Association of School Administrators
•    Broward Principal’s & Assistant’s Association
•    Brevard Association of School Administrators
•    Florida Education Leaders Alliance
•    Independent Funeral Directors of Florida PAC
•    Florida Veterinary Medical Association CCE

Assisting in Political Campaigns

The best way to make your face and your profession memorable to a legislator is to work in his/her campaign before he is elected. Mixon and Associates specializes in grassroots organizing to connect clients with pertinent political races on the campaign trail in beyond. Whether we are organizing a Saturday morning campaign walk in Pinellas County or assigning an association’s members to nearby phone banks in the evenings, M&A is actively involved in assisting key candidates each political season. Volunteering one’s time on behalf of a political candidate is an excellent way to form relationships and BE HEARD! If you are interested in participating or donating to a candidate in your area, please contact our office.

Holding Educational Workshops

Mixon and Associates will offers workshops to client groups regarding the overall meaning of governmental consulting and legislative lobbying. Workshops are tailored to each group, and are meant to help its members and leadership garner a better vision of what happens inTallahassee, and how lobbyist affect the outcomes.
The workshop will cover, but is not limited to the following:
◦    What is legislative lobbying?
◦    Meeting with legislators
◦    Navigating the Capitol complex
◦    Legislative FAQs
◦    Legislative committees
◦    Effective communications with Legislators
◦    Follow-Up
◦    Legislative acronyms
◦    How a bill becomes a law
◦    CCE/PAC and how they help

Hosting Legislative Emersion Trips

Let Mixon and Associates host your group in Tallahassee. We believe that for a client group to be successful in partnership with us, they should see first-hand how the legislative process works, and how what we do affects it. During legislative committee weeks and during the legislative session, we host association and business members in Legislative Emersion Trips. We will help these visitors make travel arrangements, then we hold on-site legislative workshops, host key speakers, throw evening receptions, set meetings with legislators and provide helpful tips for follow up. Often times, we prepare these members and executives to speak in front of legislative committees on behalf of their profession or industry.


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